Turner presents its new programming for 2020

Turner announced the news for the launch of its programming in 2020, in an upfront in Mexico City. Some of the company’s productions for next year will be Amarres, Las Bravas F.C. -filmed in Argentina-, Particular Crowd, La chica que limpia, and many others.

“We are positioning ourselves as new content, technology and entertainment options that have never been seen before in the market’, said Sharon Zyman, General Manager & VP Ad Sales Colombia and Mexico of Turner. In addition, some of the productions that the company will launch next year were announced. Some of them are Amarres, La chica que limpia, Las Bravas, Particular Crowd, and others. In addition, the executive explained that the company’s team ‘is trained for production, diffusion and content broadcasting, which focuses on all our verticals, whether sports, children, movies and other contents’.

The executive also expressed herself on the work done by Turner in Mexico, and explained that there are ‘great talents’ in that country. ‘Our content is crossing borders and we are carrying it for everyone’, she added. In addition, Alejandro Manrique, Ad Sales Director at Turner Mexico, explained that at present the company has a specialized branded content team, ‘capable of creating stories that transcend and impact over time, thus achieving connections together with brands’, he said.

“The first thing is to understand that the consumer and audience no longer behave the same as before, and that there is an infinite amount of content on platforms. What we have to do is to impact the audience at the right time and in the right place, because on TV  it impacts us in a way, but it can also impact us on the digital part’, explained Manrique. ‘We have to understand very well how this audience is moving, so that we can do what we are doing right now, which is to stop being only pay TV to become a liquid ecosystem of content. What does this mean? That we are no longer just pay TV. We have to analyze how that content will live on each of those platforms’, he added.

This way, the executive explained Turner’s work with the series ‘Bronco’, recently released: ‘Bronco’s case was analyzed, a report was made, certain surveys and others were also made, and based on a report we realized that Bronco was a too strong and deeply content rooted throughout the Mexican people, very well known. Once this, we began to see how this content was going to unfold, then, based on a script made for TV, we began to see how it will live on all other platforms. We thought about the content before the scripts are read and  the writers. If we are going to integrate brands, how are we going to do it, in the most natural way that does not bother the audience’, he said.