Turner highlights the performance of Launchpad in Latin America

Turner Latin America announced the successful pan-regional implementation of Launchpad, its social media advertising product, which was launched in Latin America in 2017.
During that year, the media group carried out several campaigns with Launchpad in five Latin American countries. Among the advertisers who used the solution are Mattel, Movistar, Samsung and TCL. Now, Turner is moving forward with the hiring of new digital specialists, who will be able to implement more campaigns through Launchpad in the region.
Recently, Turner said that social networks are the second most important platform in the development of its audience. According to the company, its channels reach a monthly average of 53% of social network users in the region, with Facebook in the lead.
Launchpad was originally launched in the United States in 2016. It is a Big Data analysis tool that allows activating content for different brands on social networks. This allows advertisers to improve their effectiveness, as well as to know the reach and interaction of the contents.