Turner expands multi-platform audience

Turner Latin America internally developed a report that revealed that 8 out of 10 people with pay TV and 5 out of 10 users of social networks regularly consume the contents of the media group.
The report allows advertisers to identify the potential reach that the media offers in each platform and the opportunities to take advantage of that potential in advertising campaigns, with specific recommendations. The report integrated and compared audience data on linear TV, VOD platforms, websites, applications, games and social networks.
According to the data, linear TV is still the platform with the highest audience development for Turner at the regional level, especially in two genres: general entertainment (movies and series) and children. In one month, the contents of the group’s portfolio are consumed by 179 million people in Latin America. In this way, an advertising campaign in the channels can potentially contact 8 out of 10 people with access to pay TV in their home.
Social media ranked in second place. According to the company, news and sports are the two thematic genres that register a similar reach to that of linear TV. In Latin America, the reach achieved through social networks is greater in sports than in general entertainment, unlike what happens in linear TV. This phenomenon is driven by Turner’s recent expansion in the sports arena, especially in Brazil and Argentina with soccer. In an average month, the contents of Turner’s brands on social platforms reach 90 million Latin Americans, this is, one in two social network users.
The third platform with the most coverage for Turner is YouTube. According to the media group, the contents of the channels manage to reach more than 14 million users in the region in a typical month, which translates into one out of every 10 Latin Americans that monthly reproduce the videos on this platform. For children’s content, YouTube has become the second platform with the greatest reach.