Turner develops its new original productions in Brazil and Mexico

Turner Latin America started filming the Os Ausentes series in Brazil, its new original production in the country, scheduled to be launched next year. At the same time, the company announced it has finished filming Bronco, the bioserie based on the Mexican band, which will be released in September.

Os Ausentes will be a 10 episode-series, and each one will last 45 minutes. Its plot is focused on the so called agency, responsible for finding missing people, and will be broadcast on TNT. The series will feature one case per week and will be set in San Pablo, produced by Panoramica and starred by Brazilian actors Maria Flor and Erom Cordeiro.

 At the same time, Turner Latin America announced it has ended Bronco’s filming process, which will last 13 episodes of one hour each, and will be also aired on TNT, based on the book ‘Cicatrices de un corazon bronco’, by Lupe Esparza, leader of the band.

The bioserie’s plot will focus on the band’s members lives in Mexico, the main music industry challenges, and other issues. The project’s leading actor will be Luis Alberti, as the leader of the band, Lupe Esparza. The leading cast is completed by Yigael Yadin, as bassist Jose Luis ‘Choche’ Villarreal; Baltimore Beltran, as guitarist Javier Villarreal, and Raul Sandoval, as keyboardist Ramiro Delgado.