Transtelco from Texas acquires the majority of Maxcom Telecomunicaciones from Mexico

The Texas operator Transtelco Holding acquired control of 95.5% of Mexico’s Maxcom Telecomunicaciones, with the aim of expanding its FTTH network in the Latin American country. As confirmed by both parties, the North American company bought the 264,176,066 shares of the telco in exchange for USD 28.6 million.

With the incorporation of the assets and 8,500 kilometers of Maxcom’s GPON network in Mexico, Transtelco expects to exceed 25 thousand kilometers of reach with its latest generation fiber, on which all its services will operate. According to previous reports, 65% of the installed network of the Texan company is in Mexican territory, while another part is divided on the border with the United States.

“This complex acquisition marks an important milestone for Transtelco, because after twenty years of being a binational provider of B2B digital infrastructure services, this purchase consolidates Transtelco’s position in Mexico as one of the most unique players and with scalable networks, of low latency and with access routes to transport data throughout the country”, Transtelco Holding explained in a statement to its investors. “The combined networks of Transtelco and Maxcom have unique routes to move traffic to and from the United States, Mexico and the rest of the Americas“, the company added.