Totalplay launches “Club TotalPlay Wi-Fi” to access the network from modems of other users in Mexico

Mexican operator TotalPlay launched a new internet network concept that allows subscribers to connect to the modem signal of other users of the service. Club TotalPlay Wifi allows each client to enable their equipment as a gateway for other devices, without affecting their broadband or putting their private information at risk.

“The Club TotalPlay Wi-Fi Network is not compatible with the one of our clients’ internet modems, it uses an alternate broadband in which the user can access the 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz frequency without affecting the operation of their modems“, the company explained in the statement that was released to subscribers.

However, TotalPlay specified that the customer can choose not to participate in the service, if they do not want to have their equipment to integrate the new network. Meanwhile, those interested must register to obtain an ID and password, with which they can then access all enabled modems.