Tondero considers releasing movies via streaming due to Coronavirus

Miguel Valladares, General Manager at the Peruvian producer Tondero, expressed himself in an interview about the Coronavirus pandemic impact t on the entertainment industry and considered the possibility of including not-released-in-cinemas movies  on digital platforms.

‘We are evaluating that possibility. In fact, we had a fairly long schedule of movie releases. We are analyzing if we premiere on any platform due to the partnership agreement we have with Netflix’, said the executive.

Likewise, Valladares made reference to a film that Tondero had planned to release with Netflix this year, which was also affected by the Coronavirus. ‘The movie we were about to film with Netflix has also been postponed to September-October. We are in talks with the Peruvian Culture Ministry to see if, with the security protocols that are being taken in other countries, we can film and continue with the agreement we have with Netflix, which is good for the country’, he said.