Tizeti launched 4G wireless network in Nigeria

Tizeti, the Nigerian start-up specializing in providing solar-powered wireless Internet connectivity, has announced the launch of its 4G service in Nigeria. The company works primarily in Lagos, Nigeria’s unofficial business capital and Port Harcourt is the fifth largest city in Nigeria located in River State, another commercial hotspot for the country

According to Kendall Ananyi, Tizeti’s chief executive officer, “access to unlimited, affordable and reliable Internet connectivity is an intractable problem for many Nigerian businesses and residential customers, especially for residents of Edo States, Rivers and Ogun. To solve this problem and provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution, we are leveraging our solar-powered towers and MainOne’s robust Internet bandwidth to create a network of owned and operated towers which allows us to offer our customers unlimited Internet access at 30% or 50% of the cost of traditional mobile data plans. “

Kendall Ananyi estimates that 4G connectivity will boost economic activity in South and South-West Nigeria, provide open access to affordable and reliable broadband services, and accelerate digital transformation across Nigeria.

Tizeti is now well-placed to drive the growth in demand for eCommerce, music, interactive games and video consumption in Nigeria, especially from popular social media apps that have integrated video calling and video stories as well as content sites such as YouTube, Netflix, and Iroko.

For 2020, the company has plans to spread its coverage to other leading cities in Nigeria and West Africa and has already successfully launched in Accra, Ghana.