Tigo Sports to broadcast new Central America Premier Cup

Tigo Sports (Millicom) will develop Central America Premier Cup’s broadcasts, new football championship endorsed by the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) and the Central American Football Union (UNCAF), which came up as a regional football teams initiative, and eight clubs from five different countries will take part of it.

The competition will be held from July and it is prevented to last between three and four months. It will be organized into two groups of four teams each. The two teams winners of each group will follow  the semifinals step, to later define a champion in the Final. The teams will face each other only once in the group phase, and in the elimination one there will be round-trip matches.

Group A members will be Alianza (El Salvador); Herediano (Costa Rica); Real Spain (Honduras) and Municipal (Guatemala). In Group B are included Arabe Unido (Panama); Olympia (Honduras); Alajuelense (Costa Rica) and Communications (Guatemala). The tournament is not official because it is not organized by UNCAF and CONCACAF, but both entities provided the corresponding authorization to its development.