Tigo launches ONEtv STBs with Android TV in Colombia

The telecommunications company Millicom, whose operations in Latin America are branded as ‘Tigo’, is installing ONEtv STBs with Android TV (Google) operating system in Colombia. The information was reported by the specialized website Portafolio. According to the information reported on the specialized website Android TV Guide, the company that manufactured Tigo’s STB is Arris, and its SoC is ‘Broadcom BCM 7271’.

‘As  TV operators, we are adapting ourselves  to new technologies and content initiatives, and we can only do so with innovation. We consider that users are not interested in the platform, but rather are interested in the content. And they are interested in having easy access to the series, movies, live events or videos of their choice’, reported Marcelo Cataldo, CEO at Tigo Colombia, who later added that ‘with the integration of Google Play Store, we can say that we transform any TV into a smart TV. In addition, users will be able to access their content from anywhere in their home and at any time, and the next step will be for users to build their content portfolios on a single device’.

According to Javier Vazquez, Home Business VP at Tigo Colombia, Tigo ONEtv’s aim is to ‘change the way of watching content’. This way, the executive explained that ‘until now, clients were looking for programs on TV channels. Now, consumers  will watch its content and can access it whenever and wherever they want, searching for it up to three days ago, watching it live, scheduling a recording to watch later, selecting it from the video store or searching for it on the different OTT platforms’.

With the announcement, Tigo ONEtv customers will be able to access, from their STBs, linear TV content, OTT platforms and VOD content. According to the information reported, Tigo’s ONEtv clients will also be able to access content from mobile devices through the ONEtv app. In addition, the Android TV system will allow customers to make voice commands; as well as record up to 20 hours of content in the cloud and watch them at any time, together with other features. The installation of the device requires only an HDMI cable to connect it to the TV, and an internet connection.