The former head of Channel 9 in Argentina is prosecuted for attempted transfer fraud

The businessman Remigio González González, former head of Canal 9 of Argentina, was prosecuted under the decision of Judge Servini after being accused of attempted fraud during the share transfer of the signal, which now belongs to the national multimedia company Grupo Octubre.

On the other hand, the case is also related to a dispute with Carlos Lorefice Lynch, the defendant’s former lawyer, who had denounced him for trying to take away his actions. According to the licensee, he owns 65% of the share package of Grupo Belleville Holdings LLC, owner of the channel.

Previously, González González had obtained the judgement of a judge in Delaware (USA), who recognized his ownership of the shares of the company that managed the signal. “The parties objectively agreed to a false transfer in which Lorefice Lynch was the owner of 65% in appearance only for the benefit of Televideo, Gonzalez Gonzalez is not obliged to comply with the documents that name Lynch as the owner of 65% of Belleville” , the foreign judge declared at that time.

But now, after a 2-year investigation, Judge Servini declared that the intervention of the US justice system was nothing more than another fraud strategy. “We would find ourselves before a fraud maneuver, since the foreign jurisdiction would have been used to, in light of its law, commit a legal act that violates national rules on the transfer of assets and to the detriment of economic rights that, for whatever reason, the accused himself had freely granted the complainant”, she explained.