Tenfield acquires TV broadcasting rights for the coming Uruguayan National Team matches this year

The Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) Executive Council officially reported that it has come to terms with Tenfield S.A., authorizing it to broadcast the four Uruguayan National Team’s matches from the coming October and November FIFA official fixture dates.  

The Uruguayan football regulator reported that Tenfield, in order to provide the corresponding service to its associated pay TV companies, acquired the AUF’s TV broadcasting network rights for a price that ‘fits the market reality’, although the total amount reached was not reported. Apart from that, AUF informed that it supports the AUF TV project’s validity, who will broadcast the remaining Uruguayan National Team’s matches this year through the Antel’s Vera+ platform.

Months ago, AUF called for an auction in order to broadcast the six football matches that Uruguay would play during the second half of the year. Antel acquired the rights to broadcast them on Vera+, but, so far, no offer had been submitted to acquire the TV rights that best fits the AUF’s Executive Committee needs, which is why matches played in september against Costa Rica and the US where not aired on pay TV services, but only on Vera+. 

The Uruguayan National Team will play this Friday, October 11th against Peru in Montevideo, to later face the same rival in Lima, next Tuesday 15th. In November, the team will move to Budapest, Hungary, to face that National Team. There is an intention to play one more football match in November, although the opponent is still unknown. The last time Tenfield broadcast a match from the Uruguayan National Team was last June 7th, when Uruguay faced Panama in Montevideo, before the beginning of the Copa America 2019 edition, in Brazil.