TelkomONE rolls out free Ignite education channels in SA

Telkom has launched a new platform on its TelkomONE streaming service called Ignite to provide a free education channels to students. Made up of several educational channels, the platform is available to watch on the TelkomONE website. It offers free access to learning material for high school students in grades ten to twelve.

The Head of Foundation of Telkom, Sarah Mthintso, said, “We are thrilled to introduce TelkomONE Ignite to the youth. Students simply need support at home and access to quality online schooling is one way to ensure that, over and above adult supervision and assistance.”

The platform features six channels providing a variety of programmes and shows.

The channels include the 24/7 education channel Mindset. Viewers can track what shows are broadcasting on the channel using the schedule on the TelkomONE website. The website also provides scheduling for SABC Education.

The other five channels offer on-demand shows that students can watch at any time. They include Discovery Science, EduVOD Curriculum Lessons, Curiosity Stream, Da Vinci, and Ted-Ed, a youth and education initiative organised by Ted Talks.

“We have also been particular in our selection of the content; providing the right content mix of career-related topics, CAPS lessons, and edutainment and I believe we ended up with the right formula,” Mthintso said.