Televisa to launch eSports channel BitMe next July 15th

Televisa presented yesterday in Mexico BitMe, its new pay TV channel focused on eSports, videogames, technology, anime and geek culture. The channel will be officially launched next July 15th, and will be available on Spanish-language pay TV in Latin America. In Mexico, it will be part of Izzi, Total Play and Sky’s programming grids.

‘It is the first time in many year that Televisa has decided to launch a TV channel. In its constant search, it found an opportunity in an emerging niche, which is the geek universe. Then, BitMe came up’ explained Luis Luisillo, the channel’s Producer and Director, in its presentation event. 

BitMe’s programming will exclusively present all the videogame industry launches. Monthly, the TV channel will develop 80 own-productions hours, of which 40 will be live and, the remaining 40, recorded. Some of its confirmed titles are Zero Control (newscast with information about the gamer universe), Shesports (program that will emphasize on women role and their growth in the videogame industry and the geek universe) and GameVolution (which will show the videogame’s world evolution and analyze the most relevant titles in the industry’s history).

BitMe will also include 40 hours of the most important anime productions. Some of the most relevant titles that will be available are Strike the Blood, Tales of Zestiria the X, Saint Seiya and Mazinger Z. The TV channel will be available on the basic packages of Izzi (channel 317), Total Play (channel 326), Sky (channel 1210) and other pay TV operators with coverage in Mexico and Latin America.