Televisa makes exclusive La reina soy yo digital premiere

Before its premiere, scheduled for next August 26th on the Mexican Canal de las Estrellas, Televisa announced that its soap opera La reina soy yo will premiere its first five episodes today on its official website and on the Las Estrellas app. Televisa also reported that the series first 10 episodes will be available on the Las Estrellas official Facebook and YouTube accounts.

According to what Televisa officially reported, La reina soy yo focuses on the story of Yameli Montoya, a pretty and talented woman, after being betrayed by Charlie, the man she loves, is beaten by poverty, marginalization and crime. Yameli sees all his illusions shattered when Charlie betrays her and she is sent to prison. There, she gets pregnant and has a boy, but she is made believe that his son dies at birth. After a 17-year sentence, Yameli gets free and swears to herself to take revenge on those who ruined her life. Later, she will be recruited by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to take part of a criminal organization, in which he gets called Lari Adrade, a successful singer. 

The project is 82 episodes long, and it is produced by Harold Sanchez and starred by Mexican actors Michelle Renaud, Lambda Garcia, Polo Morin and Mane de la Parra.