Televisa launches pay TV channel focused on eSports

Televisa Networks announced that it will launch a new pay TV channel focused on videogames, technology, eSports and geek culture (a term used to refer to the person who is considered fan of technology and computing). The channel will be called BitMe, whose release date is scheduled for next July 15th. Its offer will be available in 17 Latin American countries.

‘BitMe is the new Televisa Network’s bet, a  gaming, technology, eSports and geek culture specialized channel as collectibles and comics, where watchers will see the information  generated day by day with different talents that have worked for years in the industry, in addition to emerging talents’, explained Javier Rodriguez, in charge of content and production management at Televisa.

According to what was informed, the channel will have 12 original productions and its subscribers will be able to see the information that is generated day by day related to topics of high geek interest. ‘We will be complementing original contents of different productions with anime related to the topics. We will have news, general information, entertainment, tips and updates of video games and technology with a different point of view. We not only look for immediacy, but complement the new information developed day after day with added value in the information’, he added.

The announcement of the launch of BitMe came days after TV Azteca announced the creation of an exclusive channel focused on eSports. In addition, Telefónica and Mediapro agreed to jointly develop the Movistar eSports Ubeat channel in Latin America, dedicated to the promotion of eSports, already available on Movistar Play.

Carlos Murguía, Head of Productions at Televisa Sports, is one of the speakers confirmed in the next edition of the Sportv Series Latin America event, which will take place next October 2nd at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami, US, organized by Dataxis.