Televisa launches new website of Las Estrellas

Televisa Digital launched the new website of Las Estrellas, which includes technological improvements that optimize video consumption and navigation on mobile devices. The portal offers live streaming of the free-to-air channel and on demand content.
According to the company, the new website uses the same technology as Facebook and Instagram, offering a more agile and intuitive navigation, which improved its operation by more than 135%. With the redesign, the consumption of page views was doubled, the VOD content reproduction grew 50% and the duration of the sessions increased by 20%.
The VOD library offers complete episodes, short videos and summaries of the shows, which are available for viewing up to five days after the broadcast on free-to-air TV. In addition, the site includes other content produced exclusively for this platform. “The new portal of Las Estrellas confirms its commitment to continue responding to the tastes and expectations of digital audiences, eager for new technologies and vibrant and dynamic stories,” the company said in a statement.