Televisa asks to take part in Disney-Fox merger

Televisa Group presented a lawsuit against Telecommunications Federal Institute (IFT) in November 2018, to take part in Disney-Fox authorization process merger in Mexico as an interested party. On September 26th, the company denied Mexican group to participate in merger process.

‘Televisa expresses its proposal to become an interested party within file UCE/CNC-001-2018, citing a number of statements and arguments, in which it points out its status as an economic agent  in merger possibly involved relevant markets, as well as its interest in non producing anti competitive effects in markets it is joined in’, IFT informed to federal judge in charge of the case.

IFT refused to allow Televisa to participate because its figure is not legally allowed for merger proceedings, and Federal Judge Silvia Cerón could issue a judgment in the lawsuit  to establish whether Mexican company is allowed to intervene in the merger. Economic Competition Federal Commission (Cofece) also rejected Televisa’s participation in this process last October 1st, 2018.