Televisa and Univision create new sports brand

Mexican TV channel Televisa announced it will run a strategic agreement between its sports divisions and Univision’s to strengthen and increase its presence in Mexican, US and Canadian hispanic market. The new sports brand will be launched next June 9th and its arrival to 170 million people is one of its main aims to achieve.

According to Televisa Sports, partnership with Univision will focus on three major areas: first, to have a professional team with new talent, and position women as opinion leaders in sports analysis programs and in the information coverage. Secondly, the incorporation on new cutting-edge technology for sporting events broadcasts and analysis, scenographies and digital applications to improve audiences experiences  in apps and websites, and the development of a new panregional image.

‘At present, Emilio Azcurraga Jean’s TV network entertainment contents are key to Hispanic Univision audiences success in the US, and this movement further strengthens ties between both companies’, Televisa said in a statement.