Telefonica will produce original series with Telemundo

Telefonica reached a series co-production agreement with Telemundo International Studios through Movistar +, which will thus have original content for its Movistar Series network. Telemundo will have the rights for the US, Movistar + for Spain, and it was not reported who will have them for Latin America.

Telefonica’s purpose is to produce between 12 and 15 series per year, and between 20 and 30 annual entertainment programs. Telecommunications company launched its Movistar Series network in different Latin American markets to meet that goal. Movistar Series is available on its Pay TV platforms and through the app, ‘Movistar Play’.

According to the company, agreement will allow both Telefonica and Telemundo to ‘grow in scale, reaching new markets and combining the best capabilities to develop quality and in Spanish fiction’.