Telefónica sees growth in pay TV subs driven by Peru

Telefónica announced its financial results for Q417. The company reported 4.6 million pay TV accesses in Latin America (including Brazil). Hispanoamérica division, which will be split into two new units, reached 3.0 million pay TV accesses, up 4% from previous year, driven by net additions in Peru.
In its report, the company highlighted the 7% year-on-year growth in Peru, which reached 1.4 million total accesses, with net additions of 40,000 in October-December (91,000 in 2017).
In Brazil, Telefónica reported 1.6 million pay TV accesses (-7% accesses y-o-y). In that country, the company continues to focus on the IPTV expansion, which added 32 new cities covered throughout 2017. The IPTV service grew by 51% year-on-year (net adds of 30,000 in the quarter, 128,000 in the year).
Telefónica registered in Chile 684,000 pay TV accesses (+ 3.6% y-o-y), while in Colombia it reached 530,000 (+2.4 y-o-y). In other countries of Latin America (which includes Venezuela) the company had 452,000 accesses (-3% y-o-y).