Telefonica Peru grows in pay TV and FTTH in Q2 2019

In its Q2 2019 quarterly results report, Telefonica Peru reported operating revenues valued at USD 609.9 million. The previous mentioned figure represents a 1% fall related to the same period 2018. According to the company, revenues from local telephony, internet and pay TV services recorded USD 235.7 million, which means a 0.8% growth compared to last year’s second quarter.

Movistar Peru led the fixed services market during the second quarter of the year, with 6.2 million accesses, from which 1.6 million were pay TV accesses, which had a 7% year-on-year growth comparing it with 2018’s Q2.

Pedro Cortez, General Manager at Telefonica Peru, gave details about the company’s fixed segment during the period and informed that ‘we had a solid growth rate in pay TV and internet accesses, leveraging our differentiated content and the growing coverage of our fiber optic network’. He also added that, ‘with the aim of continue to strengthen our position in the segment, we announced the launch of locally produced series, as well as the continued deployment of FTTH, reaching new locations in Piura, San Martín and Cajamarca this quarter’.