Telefonica grows in IPTV and increases its FTTH network deployment in Brazil

Telefonica released today its Q4 2019 quarterly results report for Brazil, where it is known under the ‘Vivo’ brand. During the period, the company recorded 715 million pay TV accesses via IPTV, 23% more than the 579 million accesses recorded at the end of 2018. Likewise, Vivo Pay-TV ARPU is valued at R$ 108.5 (USD 25), 5% more than the R$ 103.9 (USD 23.7) of Q4 2018.

Vivo’s pay TV revenues in Q4 2019 were valued at R$ 439 million (USD 100.5 million), number that means a 11.1% decrease in relation to the R$ 494 million (USD 113 million) recorded in Q4 2018. In addition, IPTV and FTTH revenues have also increased: in the IPTV area, revenues in Q4 2019 were R$ 244 million (USD 55.8 million), 22% higher than R $ 200 million (USD 45.7 million)  recorded on the same period 2018. FTTH revenues in Q4 2019 were R$ 586 million (USD 134.1 million), a figure that means a 38% increase compared with the R$ 426 million (USD 97.5 million) of the previous year same period.

The company also added 43 new cities to its FTTH network, which it has expanded in 12 Brazilian states throughout 2019. At the end of the year, Vivo totaled 164 cities where it deployed its network, including Barbacena (Minas Gerais); Cascavel (Parana); Itapira (San Pablo); Jaboatão dos Guararapes (Pernambuco); Nova Odessa (San Pablo); Olinda (Pernambuco); Ponta Grossa (Parana); Rondonopolis (Mato Grosso); São João da Boa Vista (San Pablo) and Vila Velha (Espírito Santo).