Telefonica develops its OTT integration in Walqa

An engineers team from Telefonica I+D division works in Walqa Technology Park, in Huesca, Spain, to integrate  OTTs applications in Movistar Play and Movistar+ services for Latin America.

‘For each country and device a different integration is required’, explained Adrián Gómez, one of the engineers. ‘In Huesca we have a leading development team which has allowed to offer Netflix to millions of customers around the world’, he pointed.

Applications can be downloaded from mobile devices and tablets (both iOS and Android), computers, STBs and all those where Movistar Play is available. Telefónica’s customers already have this integration in hands and it is expected that during the year more improvements will be carried out to make process and access to the contents easier for subscribers.

‘Great impact that Movistar Play applications have allows us to work with other large digital companies’, said Fernando Olmos, one of the team’s engineers. In addition, it was announced recently the possibility of incorporating Amazon Prime Video to Telefonica’s catalog in its TV packages.