Telefonica Brazil grows in IPTV and continues its FTTH deployment

In its Q2 2019 quarterly results report, Telefonica -which is known as Vivo in Brazil- recorded revenues valued at USD 123,5 million in pay TV. The figure means a 1.8% fall in relation to the same period 2018, when revenues on that area were USD 125,9 million. The company also recorded revenues of USD 127,5 million in FTTH -55% more than Q2  2018-, and USD 57,5 on IPTV, 40% more compared to last year’s same period.

Vivo recorded 44% IPTV accesses during Q2 2019. The figure represents a 14% growth compared to Q2 2018, while DTH had 55% accesses, 14% less than Q2 2018.

The report also highlights Telefonica Brazil’s FTTH expansion. During the first half 2019, the company covered 142 cities -21 more than those recorded in 2018-, and 9.5 million homes passed. In line with the company’s FTTH expansion plan, during Q2 new municipalities were covered in Alagoas, Minas Gerais, Parana, San Pablo and Santa Catarina states, such as Apucarana, Betim, Caçapava, Campo Mourão, Fernandopolis, Joinville, Lins, Maceio,   Mogi-Guaçu, Pindamonhangaba, Toledo and Uberaba.