Telefe and MTV deliver live broadcasts using CenturyLink’s Vyvx solutions

According to what was reported on the global technology provider CenturyLink’s official website,  Viacom International Media Networks Americas (who bought FTA TV channel Telefe) broadcasts live events using Vyvx, a high quality content delivery solution provided by CenturyLink.

‘Working with Viacom, we determined that Vvyx is the ideal solution for entertainment companies with a need for continuously broadcasting live events’, said Pablo Yañez, Connectivity, Media and IP services VP at CenturyLink, Latin America.  

In 2018, CenturyLink started working with Viacom to deliver MTV’s international live broadcasts.  A unique aspect of the program delivery is the use of satellite networks which enable live dubbing, so that content can be rebroadcast, in several languages, to Viacom’s Network Operations Center through Vyvx and aired, in the correct language, in other world regions. 

‘Requirements for occasional links demand a provider able to quickly adapt, and provide deployments in a timely manner’, said Gustavo Embon, Broadcasting Senior Manager at  Viacom. ‘CenturyLink is basic for us in our successful delivery of live, high-quality content to millions of viewers. That is why we believe they are the ideal partner for this type of solution’, he added.