Telecommunications companies in Peru must launch digital channels for users to self-manage their plans

Peruvian Organismo de Inversión Privada en Telecomunicaciones (Osiptel), telecommunications regulator in the country, has officially reported on February 12th that it is requiring operators in the country to implement a web and mobile application to provide personalized information and make digital procedures easier both for fixed and mobile telephony customers, as well as internet and pay TV clients. As reported from the entity, the measure will be valid for those telecommunications companies with more than 500 thousand subscribers in the country.

‘Now users will not need to leave their homes to face procedures, nor will they have to wait to be attended through a call center’, said Rafael Muente Schwarz, President at Osiptel’s Board of Directors. The executive explained that operator’s applications are required to achieve various digital procedures, such as hiring and cancelling services; migrate from one plan to another; cancel services for a certain period of time; requests for an address change; and others. In addition, Muente Scwart explained that users ‘may also use the application to submit claims, complaints and appeals linked with the services hired’.

As reported from Osiptel, the applications must be available seven days a week, and will be compatible ‘with the most used operating systems’. This way, they will be accessed and executed from various devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets and cell phones. The measure will be valid as of sixty business days after the Osiptel resolution is published, that is, from mid-May.

Osiptel’s initiative joins ‘Me quiero salir’, a platform launched in June 2020 in Chile by the National Consumer Service (SERNAC), which allows subscribers to cancel telecommunications offers in that country.