Telecine Play reduces its monthly subscription and adds the Harry Potter saga

To commemorate the end of the year, the  Brazilian SVOD OTT Telecine Play, Telecine platform, the Globo Group’s premium channels network, launched a new offer that allows the OTT subscribers to pay a 50% less of their monthly subscription. According to the measure, the platform’s basic plan will cost R$ 11,90 (USD 2.88) per month for four months. When that period ends, Telecine Play’s monthly price will be R$ 23.90 (USD 5.78).

The subscription allows to access Telecine Play content on one screen at a time and with two registered devices. Currently, the platform has special content curators and several titles from Fox, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, Disney, Columbia and others. Part of the Harry Potter saga, for example, requested by Netflix subscribers, is already part of the Brazilian platform’s catalog.

The Telecine Play Premium plan includes access from five different profiles, three screens, five registered devices and a half ticket to the UCI and Kinoplex cinema networks, as well as accessing  to a more than 7 thousand titles portfolio.