Telcos continue to expand FTTH networks to move towards OTT in the future

During the first day of the Nextv Series Argentina event, the leading conference organized by Dataxis that took place on May 14th and 15th at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buenos Aires, the panel ‘Telcos and the new TV business’ was developed.  It was attended by Rolando Barjas (COTAS Bolivia), Juan Carlos Benitez (Copaco Paraguay), Monia Gomez (WeTek) and Pablo Moreira (Antel Uruguay). Some of the main topics discussed were the expansion of FTTH networks, the OTT model and the 5G technology implementation, into other topics.

‘It is necessary to point convergent platforms, with fiber optic’, said Rolando Barjas, Coaxial Networks Director at COTAS (Bolivia). ‘We were born with cable and we have been moving towards FTTH. The problem is to determine which one will survive, whether FTTH or combined HFC. It depends on how the market is directed’, said the executive. Juan Carlos Benítez, Technology Manager at Copaco (Paraguay), also said that the company continues to expand the FTTH network, but, according to what he expressed, ‘we do not have an early goal of moving to OTT’.

This way, Monia Gómez, Head of Business Development Latam of WeTek, said that, at present, ‘in Europe we see that users are not used to OTT’, which means that they should offer linear content, such as news and sports. She also estimated that, in the future, ‘one in four households will have OTTs’. In addition, Gomez expressed that Android TV is ‘the easiest way to access a smarter way to watch TV’. In this regard, she indicated that, through that product, it is possible to mirror the videos, photos and applications of an Android cellphone on a screen, with a remote control.

Pablo Moreira, Added Value and Multimedia Division Manager at Antel (Uruguay), analyzed the advances of that country on the fiber optic network deployment and the implementation of 5G technology. ‘We want to use this infrastructure to add the service of other OTTs. We have linear channels, VOD and in December we launched the new Store, and each client put together their offer, their menu and the payment method. We are interested in having a common business’, he concluded.