Technology leaders discussed the future of 4K and HDR

During the recent edition of NexTV Series Argentina, executives from the technology segment of leading companies discussed the deployment of 4K and HDR in the region.
Eduardo Bayo, Technology Manager of Artear, said that the 4K “already exists. It has yet to arrive massively but is developed to do so.” However, the executive said “it will take a lot of time” for the 8K to arrive in the region. This technology is being developed by Japan, particularly by NHK Network.
Guillermo Bertossi, VP Technology, Digital Consumer Group at Fox Network Group, said that in 4K, beyond the penetration of TVs, “there are issues related to the availability of connectivity, and not only connectivity, because today the offer appears with the necessary speeds, but also the proximity of the content to the consumers, the distribution networks”.
Hugo Amaral Ramos, CTO Caribbean and Latin America of Arris, said that 4K “is a reality” and mentioned that operators are carrying out projects to deliver new devices in this technology.
Jorge Notarianni, director of Engineering and Operations of The Walt Disney Company Latin America, considered that “there are physical limitations” because “to be able to see the difference of 4K we need bigger and bigger screens” and not everyone has the possibility of accessing that type of device. In this context, he said that “producing in 4K with 5.1 for kids to watch the content on a phone can be a waste of budget for the producer.”
The executives agreed that the HDR generates “a greater impact”. However, Bayo indicated that in this case, “the big problem that exists is that there is not a single standard, there are multiple, some are expensive and others for free”. According to the executive, “until the HDR is not standardized in one or two we will not have an experience common to everyone.”
At the end of the presentation, Bayo referred to the analog switch-off in Argentina, scheduled for September 2019. The Artear executive considered that there will be a “deferral of the date”, since it is “quite inconvenient because in October next year there are elections in the country”.