Teatrix officially launches in Mexico on November 27th

The Argentine OTT Teatrix, whose catalog is focused on theater pieces to be watched on demand, will be officially launched in Mexico on November 27th. As confirmed by Teatrix Mexico’s social networks, the platform made its official presentation in the country at the beginning of November, although it will be officially launched this month on the 27th. 

For the day of its debut, Teatrix Mexico will premiere the play ‘El Paraiso de la Invencion’, which has performances scheduled for November 27th, 28th and 29th, exclusively on the platform, starring Mexican actors such as Alfonso Herrera, Marina de Tavira and Regina Blandon, and developed at the Milan theater, located in CDMX. Other Mexican plays that will be released soon on the platform will be ‘Juan y la Muerte’; ‘Desorden; ‘Cachorro de Leon’; ‘Los vuelos solitarios’; ‘A ocho columnas’, and others. The Teatrix Mexico catalog will include plays from various genres, including drama, comedies, musicals, classical titles and musicals.

In mid-2020, Teatrix confirmed a partnership with the theater complex ‘La Teatreria’ for its launch in Mexico. ‘What Teatrix has done in Argentina and what we intend to achieve in Mexico is to democratize theater, to arrive where theater does not arrive’, Oscar Carnicero, Director at La Teatrería and CEO at Teatrix México, reported on different Mexican websites. ‘Up to now, 80 percent of Teatrix’s Mexican catalog has been recorded by us’, Carnicero reported. The executive also informed that one of the problems with the theatrical initiatives  in Mexico is that most of them are highly offered in the country’s capital, so their access outside the city becomes  almost impossible. ‘The advantage of a platform specialized in theater and performing arts is that, wherever there is a smartphone, a tablet or a TV with an internet connection, it will be possible to enjoy digital theater’, he reported.

Teatrix will admit two subscription models in Mexico: one of them will be the SVOD one, which will allow access to the platform’s catalog for a MX$ 159 (USD 7.8) monthly subscription. The second option will be based on the transactional model (TVOD), which allows access to selected premieres. The first of them, as reported by Teatrix México on its official website, is called ‘La Enamorada’, starring Mexican singer and actress Julieta Venegas. Its premiere is scheduled for December 11th, and access can be made for MX$ 150 (USD 7.3).