Teatrix continues its international expansion process and confirms launch in Mexico later this year

The Argentine SVOD OTT Teatrix, which offers an HD catalog of theater plays on demand, officially confirmed that it will be officially launched in Mexico in the last quarter this year, in partnership with “La Teatrería”, a theater center located on CDMX. Up to now, no plans to subscribe to the platform have been reported.

Teatrix was launched five years ago in Argentina, where, according to official information reported from the platform and La Teatreria, it has around 60 thousand subscribers. The next expansion, as reported by both companies, will be towards Colombia, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia. The platform also reported to have its new version available in Spain.

‘Some of the objectives that we have set for Teatrix Mexico, are to promote the Mexican theater by creating new audiences, some of whom are already used to streaming services, but not to attend a theater. We also plan to give access to theater to those who cannot attend due to economic, geographic or mobility issues; give a second window to theatre plays that are no longer being done; and implement a historical archive of the rich Mexican theatrical heritage to show it to the entire country and the world’, expressed Teatrix and La Teatreria about what will be the launch of the platform in Mexico.