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CDMX cancels audiovisual productions until August 9th

This Monday, June 1st, Mexico Citys Filming Commission published an official statement for the audiovisual community in the Mexican capital, in which it reports that the film and audiovisual areas activities will remain cancelled until next August 9th. The announced measure is part of the Fifth and Sixth Agreement, by which, until the already mentioned [...]

Amazon Prime Video not to increase its monthly subscription by VAT collection on OTTs in Mexico

After the announcement of the increasement to be applied on Netflix monthly subscriptions in Mexico due to VAT collection, Amazon Prime Video reported that its subscribers will not be affected by the measure, since the tax value has already been included in the monthly subscription paid by their customers. VAT collection from digital platforms will [...]

Netflix increases its monthly subscription and starts VAT collection in Chile and Mexico from June

Starting next June 1st, Netflix will increase its monthly subscription value in Chile and Mexico, where their Government established  that, from that date, the platform must begin to pay VAT.  From next month on, the tax  payment l be part of the monthly value paid by each subscriber. The Chilean Government approved this year the [...]

Chile cobrará 19% de IVA a plataformas digitales desde junio

A partir del 1° de junio próximo, las compañías extranjeras prestadoras de servicios digitales comenzarán a pagar un 19% en concepto de Impuesto al Valor Agregado (IVA) en Chile. La medida impacta sobre plataformas digitales extranjeras que brindan servicios digitales en el país. Algunos de los OTTs afectados serán Netflix y Amazon, entre otros.  Con [...]

Chile to charge 19% VAT on digital platforms since June

Starting next June 1st, foreign companies that provide digital services will start paying 19% Value Added Tax (VAT) in Chile. The measure impacts on foreign digital platforms that provide digital services in the country. Some of the affected OTTs will be Netflix, Amazon and others. The aim of the measure is that companies that are [...]

Tax on Netflix and other OTTs is putted off in Buenos Aires for 2020

Although a resolution made by the Buenos Aires Province (Argentina) Collection Agency established that a new tax should be applied for digital services provided abroad from December 1st, its implementation was postponed for next year, for technical reasons. In Argentina, there are some provinces that are already applying taxes on foreign digital platforms. The measure [...]

Costa Rica could apply new tax on digital platforms and pay TV subscribers

The Costa Rican Infocommunication and Technology  Chamber (Infocom) warned about an eventual tax collection on cable and satellite TV and digital platforms, which will affect more than 833 thousand subscribers. This is a new 1.5% tax, which is intended to finance the countrys film industry. The projects aim is to achieve income from cross-border digital [...]

Chilean Deputies Chamber approves VAT collection on digital platforms

With 123 votes in favor, 20 against and four abstentions, the Chilean Deputies Chamber approved VAT payment (19%) on digital platforms monthly subscriptions. The initiative had been announced by Chilean Finance Minister, Felipe Larrain.   The Governments proposal consist of a specific, indirect and substitute tax for any other, on digital platforms provided by people or [...]