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TiVo agrega la app de Amazon Prime Video para suscriptores de TV paga en Estados Unidos

TiVo introdujo la aplicación Amazon Prime Video en algunos dispositivos TiVo para sus clientes de operadores de TV paga en los Estados Unidos. La integración implica que los suscriptores de TV paga de ese país que estén suscritos a Amazon Prime pueden transmitir contenido a través de la aplicación Prime Video, o seleccionar dispositivos TiVo [...]

TiVo adds Amazon Prime Video app for pay TV customers in the US

TiVo introduced the Amazon Prime Video app on some TiVo devices for its pay TV operators customers in the US. The integration means that pay TV subscribers with Amazon Prime membership can stream content via the Prime Video app, or select TiVo devices and use the TiVo voice remote. Customers can also use OnePass, a [...]

Tivo survey reveals consumer video trends

A new TiVo survey – which includes users from Latin America – revealed that the average global viewer spends 4.4 hours each day watching video. Coupled with the global average of 28 minutes spent each day searching for content to watch, that is nearly five hours per day of video engagement, which amounts to 20 [...]

TiVo analiza tendencias en el consumo de video

Un nuevo estudio de TiVo -que incluye usuarios de Latinoamérica- reveló que el espectador promedio mundial pasa 4.4 horas cada día viendo videos. Si a esto se suma el promedio global de 28 minutos buscando contenidos ese número se acerca a las cinco horas, lo que equivale al 20% de vida diaria. El estudio anual [...]

TiVo introduces ‘Next-Gen’ platform for Pay TV providers to enhance their game

TiVo launched a new Next-Gen Platform, allowing pay TV operators to better keep up with the changes in how consumers prefer to watch television today. The platform enables operators to offer modern-day features to their customers like personalization, recommendations, voice control, and more to their managed set-top boxes. It also includes support for mobile [...]