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Movistar Play now available for Telefonica’s no clients in Chile

Movistar Chile has announced that its SVOD OTT Movistar Play, available in Chile and other Latin American countries, can now be hired by clients of other companies. Up to now, Chile is the first market in Latin America in which Movistar implements this initiative with its platform. According to specialized websites in Chile, the only [...]

Telefonica and CDPQ create FiBrasil and plan to reach 5.5 million FTTH HPs in 4 years

Telefonica Group and global investment group Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ), headquartered in Quebec, Canada, have officially announced this last Tuesday, March 2nd that they have run an agreement to build, operate and develop a natural and independent optical fibre wholesale network in Brazil, which is called FiBrasil Infraestrutura e Fibra Ótica [...]

Brazilian Campeonato Carioca launches with a combined premium pay TV, FTA TV and OTT model

The Rio de Janeiros Football Federation, located in Brazil (FERJ), is launching new models to broadcast the Campeonato Carioca, a professional football league whose 2021 edition began this week and brings together the main clubs in Rio de Janeiro. The competition can be watched both via OTT, as well as on pay TV and FTA [...]

Telefonica makes changes on the lawsuit against Millicom for Movistar Costa Rica’s sale

Spanish economic newspaper Cinco Dias reported this last Monday, March 1st, on its official web version that Telefonica made changes on the lawsuit it has filed against Millicom (Tigo) for the acquisition of Movistars operations in Costa Rica.  According to the information reported by Cinco Dias, the Spanish company reported as part of its its [...]

Did America Movil find the key to make OTT pay TV grow?

The growth observed in OTT pay TV remains slow in Latin America. As reported by Dataxis, at the end of 2020, this technology represents almost 1.3 million subscribers; barely 2% of the pay TV market. A review of DirecTV, Telefonica and America Movil strategies shows the different strategies implemented to change this static situation. Low [...]

Movistar Peru ends 2020 with 136 thousand homes with FTTH in Lima and plans to reach 600 thousand this year

As part of the its 2020 financial results presentation  officially announced on February 12th, Telefonica Peru -where it operates under the Movistar brand, as in the rest of the countries in the region-, announced that it has strengthened its FTTH deployment offer in Lima, and ended the year with about 136 million homes with that [...]

Telefonica cancels Movistar Play’s offer in Mexico

Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica, whose operations in Latin America are known under the Movistar brand, has decided to cancel its Movistar Plays offer  in Mexico, where the SVOD OTT was launched in March 2019. According to the information reported, the decision is part of changes that are being implemented in the company’s digital strategy in [...]

Telefónica dejará de comercializar su oferta de DTH en El Salvador el 30 de abril

La compañía de telecomunicaciones Telefónica, cuyas operaciones en América Latina se conocen bajo la marca Movistar, reportó a través de un anuncio  a sus clientes que, a partir de finales de abril, dejará de comercializar su oferta de DTH en El Salvador, la cual se conoce como Movistar TV. Como saben, nuestro servicio de TV [...]

Telefonica to stop marketing its DTH offer in El Salvador on April 30th

Telecommunications company Telefonica, whose operations in Latin America are known under the Movistar brand, reported through an announcement to its clients that, as of the end of April, it will stop marketing its DTH offer in El Salvador, where it is called Movistar TV. As you know, our pay TV service is delivered through a [...]

Telefónica acelera su salida de Hispanoamérica

Telefónica es el segundo grupo de telecomunicaciones más grande de la región, por accesos e ingresos. Presionada por el peso de su deuda global, Telefónica venderá sus activos en los nueve mercados agrupados en Hispanoamérica. Después de casi tres años de deliberaciones sobre formas de reducir la exposición, avanzará en una venta país por país. [...]