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Prime time news to be cancelled on SABC

The state broadcaster of South Africa, SABC, made a request during a public hearing at ICASA for the amendment of its license conditions. This will prompt the removal of the requirement to broadcast news in prime time. The announcement was made by Phumzile Van Damme, the DA shadow Minister of Communications. According to Damme, all [...]

SABC 1 to air Khuli Chana film this month

The channel of the state broadcaster, SABC 1, will be airing the film Khuli Chana: Picking up the Pieces, in the month of November this year, on the 6 and 13. The film is produced by Asanda Maku, the life partner of Khuli Chana. It is distributed by Seed Entertainment. The movie is about Khuli [...]

Limpopo Village in for local content production with digitisation  

  In view of the Digital Terrestrial Transmission (DTT) in South Africa, Kgoshigadi Moremadi Mothapo, member of the South African parliament revealed to foster the youngsters to participate in cultural activities for content production for the new television channels. this, will in her view, enable the youth to indulge themselves in the benefits proffered by [...]

SABC launches Top Chef South Africa

SABC3, one of the channels of the South African Broadcasting Corporation, the state broadcaster in South Africa, is introducing Top Chef South Africa, a local version of the popular American reality competition TV series, Top Chef, featuring chefs competing against each other in numerous culinary challenges. The launch took place on the 5 July and [...]

SABC 3 to air ‘Frontier Vets’ in July

The documentary series, Frontier Vets, by Green Films Pty(Ltd) have been announced to be aired on SABC 3 as from July 9. The first season of the series have been granted its broadcasting rights. Frontier Vets is a reality/documentary TV series in HD, consisting of 13 parts, lasting for half an hour each. It revolves [...]

SABC to air Zulu reed dance

South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), the state broadcaster in South Africa, is definitely not letting go of its promise to deliver cultural and traditional content distribution. The corporations promise to increase the delivery of more local content is actually being honoured due to the upcoming coverage of the Zulu reed dance ceremony this year.   [...]

SABC planning to launch an OTT service

SABC in South Africa is currently in discussions with a partner to offer an OTT service according to Tshifhiwa Mulaudzi, GM of television sales at SABC. He revealed that SABC would rely on the partner to own, develop the infrastructure and run the platform, while the SABC would focus solely on providing content for it. [...]