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Telecom Argentina expects to expand its business to Uruguay according to changes in the country’s telecommunications regulations

Telecommunications company Telecom Argentina aims to expand its business in Uruguay, although it expects to do so if changes are implemented in the countrys  telecommunications regulations. The information, as reported in several specialized websites, was reported by Telecoms CEO, Roberto Nobile, during the last conference on the companys Q4 2020 results. The idea of expanding [...]

Roberto Nobile será el nuevo CEO de Telecom Argentina desde 2020

El Grupo Telecom anunció que Carlos Moltini dejará su puesto como CEO de Telecom Argentina el próximo 31 de diciembre, el cual será ocupado por Roberto Nobile. Moltini, sin embargo, seguirá vinculado a la compañía, en la que asumirá cargos relacionados a los planes estratégicos de la misma.  El puesto de Moltini será ocupado por [...]

Telecom Argentina appoints Roberto Nobile as new CEO since January 2020

The Telecom Group announced that Carlos Moltini will leave his responsibilities as Telecom Argentinas CEO next December 31st. The position will be taken by Roberto Nobile. However, Moltini will remain at the company, where he will work in areas related to its strategic plans. Moltinis position will be taken by Roberto Nobile, who is now [...]