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Anatel extends validity of old pay TV concessions in Brazil

The National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) of Brazil extended the terms of validity of the old concessions of the Pay TV Special Service, founded in 1989 by the government at that time to negotiate with media groups. After the decision, which goes against the provisions of the SeAC Law (12485/2011), which provided for audiovisual communication with [...]

Conexis opposes increasing the mandatory loading of channels on pay TV in Brazil

Conexis, the group that represents the main telecommunications operators in Brazil, applied to the Supreme Federal Court (STF) to join an action against the increase in the mandatory loading of channels for pay TV companies. The regulation to which it opposes requires content from local stations to be included in service packages, free of charge. [...]

52% of households in Colombia have pay TV

By 2020, 52% of households in Colombia had pay TV service, as revealed by the Survey of Information and Communication Technologies in Households (ENTIC Hogares) of the Dane (National Administrative Department of Statistics). This number also includes informal access to the service. Meanwhile, the open TV signal was the one with the highest penetration in [...]