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OTTs plantean nuevo modelo alternativo frente a la TV paga

Durante la primera jornada de Nextv Series Argentina, la conferencia que tuvo lugar el 14 y 15 de mayo en el Hotel Intercontinental de Buenos Aires, se desarrolló el panel OTT Pay TV: skinny bundles y add-on channels, que contó con las participaciones de Federico Llano (Viacom), Gustavo Castro (Movistar), Gustavo Morandé (Zapping TV) y [...]

OTTs offer a new alternative model to pay TV

During the first Nextv Series Argentinas day, the conference that took place on May 14th and 15th at the Intercontinental Hotel in Buenos Aires, the OTT Pay TV: skinny bundles and add-on channels panel was developed, in which Federico Llano (Viacom), Gustavo Castro (Movistar), Gustavo Morandé (Zapping TV) and Jose Luiz Ribeiro (Alpha Networks) took [...]

Zapping TV expands its channels and content catalog

Chilean pay TV OTT Zapping TV relaunched its streaming offer and doubled its more than 70 channels with exclusive content, a Bollywood series and films TV network, another one on eSports and the first channel for  LGBT+ community in Latin America. Customers can access to Zapping TVs catalog for free during a 7-days period, and [...]