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Rosas Molina: ‘We are working on integrating Blim TV into pay TV operators, mainly in Central America’

Another of the panels developed during the first Nextv Series Mexicos virtual edition o was titled OTT Integration in pay TV, in which topics debated were focused on the challenges and barriers for STB apps integration; add on, carrier billing and partnership models; the role of FTA broadcasters as OTT integrators, and other related issues. [...]

Martin Sanchez: ‘In the short term, linear TV channels will not disappear’

The second Nextv Series South Americas panel -virtual conference developed by Dataxis on November 4th and 5th-, was called  OTT Integration in Pay TV. Some of the key topics of the debate were related to challenges and barriers for STBs app integration; add on, carrier billing and partnership models ; and the transition from B2C [...]