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FTTH leads broadband in Latin America in Q2 2021

FTTH reached a 39% share in the Latin American broadband market, which exceeded 100 million accesses, and became the option with the highest rate of diffusion in the region in Q2 2021, according to Dataxis. The analysis also foresees that eventually broadband will become a standalone product combined with third-party OTT services. Additionally, the report [...]

FTTH lidera banda ancha en América Latina en Q2 2021

El FTTH alcanzó una participación de 39% en el mercado latinoamericano de banda ancha, que superó 100 millones de accesos, y se convirtió en la opción con mayor tasa de difusión en la región en Q2 2021, según informó Dataxis. El análisis también prevee que, eventualmente, la banda ancha se convertirá en un producto independiente [...]

Oi expands FTTH in Brazil

Oi focused its main goal on the FTTH market in Brazil, with which it expects to make huge profits, according to its CEO Rodrigo Abreu. Recently, the company expanded its network in six more cities in the country, and from now on the inhabitants of Garibaldi (RS), Medianeira, Palmas, Piraquara (PR), Içara and Ituporanga (SC) [...]

Oi expande FTTH en Brasil

Oi centró su objetivo en el mercado de FTTH en Brasil, con el que espera tener enormes ganancias, según expresó su CEO Rodrigo Abreu. Recientemente, la empresa extendió su red en seis ciudades más del país, y a partir de ahora los habitantes de Garibaldi (RS), Medianeira, Palmas, Piraquara (PR), Içara y Ituporanga (SC) podrán [...]

VTR wants to expand FTTH after 100 thousand users lost in 2020

VTR, the Chilean telecommunications company, attempts to resurge after losing more than 100 thousand users in 2020, because of some problems with their Internet program. While they try to expand their FTTH, Mundo Pacífico, pioneer on optical fiber, continues to succeed as the fourth broadband provider in the country and is making the competition increasingly [...]