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Ethio Telecom to launch new mobile money service in Ethiopia

Ethio Telecom has announced the launch of its new mobile money service called TeleBirr which will be available to Ethio Telecom subscribers. Tele Birr, an innovative mobile money solution from Ethio-telecom, will allow customers to send, receive, store, transfer, and spend their money through electronic mobile phone accounts. Tele birr also helps in paying bills [...]

Ethio Telecom and ZTE extend 4G/LTE penetration in Ethiopia

Ethio Telecom will expand the availability of 4G/LTE network services in Ethiopia, in a move that will see the company spread LTE services to regions outside of the capital, Addis Ababa. Ethio Telecom, along with its technology partner, ZTE, will offer advanced LTE technology across the southern region of Ethiopia, enhancing download speeds, network reliability [...]

Ethio Telecom signs new partnership deal with BringCom

Ethio Telecom has just signed a new partnership and interconnection agreement with BringCom. According to Fabrice Langreney, BringCom’s CEO, this new service is the latest addition to our African network and allows us to transmit our customers’ international traffic from Ethiopia via Djibouti to anywhere in the world. BringCom will be able to complement and [...]

Econet Global in race for Ethiopian telecom license

Econet Global Ltd, controlled by Zimbabwean billionaire Strive Masiyiwa, is looking forward to acquire a telecommunications license in Ethiopia, which is opening up the industry to foreign investment for the first time. According to the companys spokesman, Econet, through a number of its subsidiaries, is actively developing interests in Ethiopia. Given that there is a [...]

Ethio Telecom plans to install 4G

Ethio Telecom plans to install a 4G network in the capital and other regions and to upgrade other network services, as the government prepares to open up the sector to private foreign investment. Ethiopia announced it would award two telecoms licenses to multinational mobile companies, by opening one of the world’s last major closed telecom [...]

Ethio Telecom and Awtar Multimedia to roll out music streaming app in Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s telecom operator Ethio Telecom, in collaboration with Awtar Multimedia, intends to roll out a Spotify-like music streaming app for Android phone users in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Awtar Music App, which was founded by Ethiopian musician and composer Elias Melka, will offer Ethiopian music covering all genres and the Amharic, Oromiffa and Tigrigna languages. The public [...]

Ethio Telecom goes private

Ethio Telecom along with the World Bank, took a big step by pre-selecting six consultancies which were divided into two businesses, which will boost potential growth for new entrants. With a population of over 100 million people, Ethiopia has one of the fastest growing economy in Africa, now major companies are approaching the Government to [...]

Ethiopia to acquire a communication satellite through Ethio Telecom

Ethiopian operator Ethio Telecom, is planning to acquire a communication satellite to serve the education, health and agriculture sectors, where there is no telecom infrastructure.  There was, previously, an effort launched by former management of Ethio Telecom to acquire a communication satellite. However, the plan was aborted when another governmental organization, Information Network Security Agency [...]

Viettel interested in the Ethiopian telecom market

Viettel, the Vietnamese telecom group, has unveiled its interest in the Ethiopian telecom market. This follows from the forthcoming opening of the capital of the incumbent operator Ethio Telecom to foreign investors, announced by the government on June 5th. The telecom company will consider all the options proposed by the Ethiopian government if they are [...]

Frehiwot Tamiru appointed as the CEO of Ethio Telecom

Frehiwot Tamiru has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopias state-run telecommunications company, Ethio Telecom. Frehiwot had previously worked as the deputy CEO of the now defunct Ethiopia Telecommunications Corporation. She will be leading a company with an estimated 22,200 workers. The company is one of the solely state-run businesses. The others [...]