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Kenyan broadcasters have till June to comply with the new program code

[:en] Kenyan broadcasters have slightly over five months to comply with the new program code of the Communication Authority of Kenya. Broadcasters will have to ensure that 40% of their content is locally produced. The Government insists that the new programming code is meant to ensure sanity in the sector and does not infringe on [...]

Communication Authority of Kenya to review cost of TV signal distribution

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has initiated measures that could significantly lower by as much as 30 per cent the current prices charged by Broadcast Signal Distributors(BSDs) to host broadcasters. A study commissioned by the Authority this year proposes that content producers in Nairobi be charged a maximum of KES 88000(US$864.30) per megabit per [...]

Kenya to support local DTT content

Kenya will give financial support to community broadcasters to promote the production and distribution of local content via DTT, according to Francis Wangusi director general of the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK). Since the digital migration process, we can confirm that we have witnessed great interest in the investment for digital terrestrial free to air [...]

CAK universal service fund exceeds target, raises KES2.5bn

Communication Authority of Kenyas Universal Service Fund (USF) has raised over KES2.5 billion. The authority has accused broadcasters for non-remittance of money for the fund. It has planned to hold discussions with broadcasters for not contributing to the USF. The fund has exceeded CAKs target by an estimated KES900 million for the financial years 2014 [...]

Kenya to reopen licensing for digital signal distribution

The Kenyan Supreme Court has ordered the Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK) to reopen licensing of digital signal distribution for 90 days, overruling the decision taken by the Appeal Court earlier in July 2014. The new ruling also wants CAK and three local broadcasters, namely- Nation Media Group, Royal Media Services and Standard Media Group, [...]