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Colombia moves forward with DTT deployment

According to a report from the National Television Authority (ANTV), Colombia’s DTT already reaches 86% of the country’s population. The goal is for that number to increase to 92% by the end of this year. Currently, DTT covers 690 municipalities out of 1,122, with 40 stations that transmit the public network. Since 2015, coverage has [...]

Colombia withdraws convergent regulator bill

The Colombian Congress withdrew the bill for the creation of a single convergent regulator, which had been presented by the ICT Ministry. The initiative had been questioned by public TV channels. The project proposed to create a single regulator by merging the National Television Authority (ANTV) and the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC). According to El [...]

Colombia retira proyecto de regulador convergente

El Congreso de Colombia decidió retirar el proyecto para la creación de un único regulador convergente, que había sido presentado por el Ministerio TIC. La iniciativa había sido cuestionada por los canales públicos. El proyecto proponía que se unan las funciones de la Autoridad Nacional de Televisión (ANTV) y la Comisión de Regulación de Comunicaciones [...]

Colombia debate la creación de un regulador convergente

El Congreso de Colombia debate este martes el proyecto de ley para la creación de un único regulador convergente, que fue presentado por el Ministerio TIC en octubre pasado pero que cuenta con cambios. De acuerdo con El Espectador, los canales de TV pública afirman que la propuesta desfinanciaría el modelo, mientras que la industria [...]

Colombia to move forward with DTT transition during soccer World Cup

Colombias National Television Authority (ANTV) wants to take advantage of the soccer world cup, the event that drives the sale of TV sets, to inform the population about the advantages of DTT, said in an interview with La República, the director of the National Television Authority (ANTV), Angela Maria Mora. The analog switch-off is scheduled [...]