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Argentine Government to invest almost USD 55 million to reactivate audiovisual industry in the country

Argentine President, Alberto Fernandez, has recently announced a series of measures aimed at promoting, strengthening and reactivating the audiovisual industry in the country. According to the information that was reported, the measures will be implemented throughout the second half of 2021, and include an AR$ 5.3 billion investment (more than USD 54.5 million) focused on [...]

Argentine Government launches new plan to encourage audiovisual content production

Argentine President, Alberto Fernandez, led an event this week in which he announced the launch of the Plan Contenidos Argentinos , whose purpose is to reactivate the audiovisual content production industry in the country. According to the information reported, one of the key points of the plan focuses on strengthening Argentina as an attractive location [...]

Netflix continues to bet on Argentina with new original productions

Netflix has announced this Thursday, February 19th, that it is working on the production of new Argentine content to be included as part of its catalog soon. This way, the OTT continues to bet on Argentine productions after, in February 2020, Reed Hastings, CEO at the company, held a meeting with the country’s President, Alberto [...]

Gobierno argentino declara internet, telefonía y TV paga como servicios esenciales

El Presidente de Argentina, Alberto Fernández, anunció este viernes 21 de agosto a través de su cuenta oficial de Twitter la decisión de declarar servicios públicos esenciales a la telefonía, internet y TV paga en el país. La medida, establecida a través del Decreto de Necesidad y Urgencia (DNU) N° 690 (2020), congelará las tarifas [...]

Argentine Government establishes internet, telephony and pay TV as essential services

Argentine President, Alberto Fernandez, announced this last Friday, August 21st, through his official Twitter account, the decision to declare telephony, internet and pay TV as essential public services in the country. The measure, established through the Need and Urgency Decree (DNU) N°. 690 (2020), will not change telephony, internet and pay TV services rates until [...]