Subtel asks CDF and cable TV operators to compensate its subscribers for not having broadcast football in Chile

The Chilean Professional Football National Association  (ANFP) decided to call the country’s local football tournament off due to the political and social situation in the country, the Telecommunications Subsecretary (Subtel) requested cable operators and the Chilean Football Channel (CDF) to collect information on possible discounts, compensation measures and availability of customer service platforms to cancel  its premium and HD offers subscriptions.

The Professional Football Championship in Chile was putted off last October 19th at first, because people related to the ANFP considered that it was not safe for it to be played during that weekend. Later, an attempt was made to resume the activity in the following weekends, but, on November 29th, the football leadership decided to finish all its competitions in advance. This way, during this period, clients from  different cable TV operators have reported SUBTEL that CDF Premium and CDF HD channel subscriptions are still being charged, with no changes. 

According to SUBTEL, in CDF Premium and CDF HD channels case, customers subscribe to their offers with a pay TV operator under the promise of being able to watch the Chilean Football Championship matches and, if it is not possible to broadcast it, customers can make a complaint and ask for a possible compensation, and even request to cancel  the service by the different ways available.

In addition, SUBTEL informed it will check if different cable operators  are informing their subscribers about possible discounts and possibilities to cancel  CDF Premium and CDF HD offers in Chile. The companies will have a five business day period from the date they were notified to deliver the requested information to SUBTEL, related to compensations to subscribers, availability of platforms to cancel  CDF HD and Premium offers and number of claims received.