Stingray expands its channels distribution in Canada, Mexico and Brazil with Amazon Prime Video Channels

Leading Canadian music, media and technology company Stingray Group is announcing its global expansion with Amazon Prime Video Channels in Canada, Mexico and Brazil. According to the information reported, Prime Video subscribers in the three mentioned markets will be able to access the ‘Stingray All Good Vibes’ package, which brings together the Qello Concerts by Stingray; Stingray Classica; Stingray DJAZZ and Stingray Naturescape channels.

Stingray’s offering offers Prime Video subscribers gigs by famous artists, jazz performances, and a selection of classical music, opera and ballet titles from around the world. In relation to the offer for Prime Video clients in Canada, Mexico and Brazil, Qello Concerts brings together award-winning gigs and musical documentaries, starred by several artists. Stingray Karaoke gathers a catalog of popular songs of various genres with their lyrics included for singing. The Stingray DJAZZ catalog features international jazz productions, exclusive content from major jazz festivals and clubs, and other related issues; and Stingray Naturescape provides an experience that links landscapes from around the world with soundtracks.

‘Stingray is committed to delivering best-in-class entertainment for music fans’, reported David Purdy, Chief Revenue Officer at Stingray. ‘We are thrilled to be working with Amazon Prime Video Channels and providing them with the highest level of services. Our shared commitment to evolve and adapt to subscribers’ needs guarantees new levels of growth and success in the industry’, he added.

Access to ‘Stingray All Good Vibes’ is available on Amazon Prime Video Channels for R$ 13.20 (USD 2.5) per month in Brazil; USD 9.99 per month in Canada; and MX $ 72 (USD 3.6) per month in Mexico.

Another deal announced this year was made by ViacomCBS, who confirmed that Pluto TV users in Latin America can also access Stingray channels. As a result of the agreement between both companies, the AVOD OTT catalog includes Stingray iConcerts and Stingray Karaoke, the first two music channels that entered its portfolio. The already mentioned channels are available throughout Latin America, except Brazil.