StarzPlay to stream first 4K Arabic drama series

The 14-episodes historical drama Kingdoms of Fire in 4K will be aired exclusively on StarzPlay. The series is directed by Peter Weber, best known for films like Girl with a Pearl Earring and Emperor. Kingdoms of Fire has a pan-Arab cast of stars that includes Khaled Al Nabawi, Mahmoud Nasr, Rachid Assaf, Kinda Hanna, Suhair Bin Amara and Mona Wassif.

The $40m production from Genomedia Studios was created and produced in the United Arab Emirates, and filmed in custom-made studios in Tunisia. It is co-written by Ahmad Nada and Mohammed Soleiman.

Kingdoms of Fire is set in 1516 during a period when the Ottoman Empire conquered the Arab territories. The first Arabic production to be available in 4K HDR, Kingdoms of Fire chronicles the dynamic war of two worlds as the Ottomans strive to Occupy Cairo.