StarTimes reduced its Pay-TV price in Kenya

StarTimes is reducing its subscription fees for its Kenyan market by 50 per cent. Viewers will be able to view its ‘Nyota’ bouquet on a daily basis at $0.25 per day.  

The monthly subscription fee has dropped from $42 to $22 on its ‘Classic’ bouquet, and to $7 for the monthly Nyota rate.StarTimes is also adding 6 more services including National Geographic channel, Fox and Star Plus.

StarTimes director of marketing Japhet Akhulia said the changes are expected to lead to a stronger subscriber offer in terms of price and content. “We have made strategic improvements by adding six more channels key in extending value for money to our Classic bouquet subscribers,” he said.

As for Star’s DTH service, subscribers on its satellite television platform have the option of the ‘Super’ bundle retailing at $42; ‘Smart’ option at $25 or ‘Nova’ at $12 respectively.