SPT Latin America launches new B2B digital platform

Sony Pictures Television (SPT) announced last Friday the launch of ‘Conectados por el Entretenimiento’, its new B2B digital platform, through which the company will announce information about its business, show its content news and offer different commercial opportunities to meet its customers needs. As officially reported by the company, the platform will be available to advertisers in Latin America, not including Brazil.

‘With this B2B tool, we want to connect ourselves with our clients in the region, showing them new and creative business opportunities to share together a new path that will lead us to our annual upfronts meeting’, said Nathascha Rengifo, SVP Distribution & Networks Latam at SPT.

The new platform is made up of several modules, which are updated on a weekly basis. Some of them are Inside Sessions, where every week SPT will provide sessions with company executives, who will alternate with special guests, to share business experiences and personal and professional tools to promote creativity, innovation and team management, into other issues; Exclusive Screening Rooms, where SPT will share the most relevant content of its channels with its clients, who will be able to access them to become familiar and determine which of them has the greatest affinity with their strategy or target audience.

SPT will also provide commercial opportunities on the platform, with investment opportunities and creative offers from Sony; data related to all its channels (Sony Channel and AXN), its programs and audience segments that customers need to make a better investment; and It will also include a game called ‘The Real You’ , described by SPT as ‘a fun game that will help maximize the true ‘me’ that everyone wants to enhance; in response to the current crisis that confronts the world with a new reality in which people have had to create new habits, redefine priorities and be more authentic’.